Did you know this about nuts and dried fruits?
Nuts and dried fruits: tasty and healthy What are they exactly and why are they healthy?
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Who doesn’t enjoy a handful of nuts or a few soft dried and sweet fruits. Tasty and healthy. Everyone knows what is meant by a snack full of nuts. But the exact description is a lot trickier. We’re going ‘nuts’ in this blog.

Nuts: the definition

The “real” nut is a non-spreading, single-seeded, single-shelled fruit with wooded fruit skin [Source: Wikipedia]. Examples are the hazelnut and chestnut.

Furthermore, by nuts we also mean the oily seeds that are in the center of soft pulp and are protected by a hard shell. Well-known examples of these nuts are the walnut and pistachio nut.

However, the peanut is officially not a nut. It is the seed of a plant from the legume family – a type of legume containing two or three seeds These seeds ripen in their casing underground, which is why peanuts are also nicknamed “groundnut”. If they are not dug up in time, they will germinate and start a new plant. Because of its properties, peanuts are classified as nuts.

Nuts are healthy

Nuts contain fat, which sounds unhealthy. However, it is the unsaturated fats found in nuts that are good for humans. In addition, they contain valuable substances such as iron and vitamins E and B1 (source: Voedingscentrum). Nuts are therefore also a good addition to a vegetarian or vegan diet. In addition, the vitamins and minerals are known to lower LDL cholesterol.

Because of the high fat content, there are people who consciously do not eat nuts when they are trying to lose weight. It is precisely then that you should eat nuts: the healthy fats and fibers ensure that you are less likely to feel hungry and start snacking during the day. Of course, the following also applies: eat in moderation, as a guideline, take 30 grams per day.


Did you know that the macadamia nut shell is the hardest to crack?
It takes about 300 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure to crack this nut. That’s the pressure of 10 passenger cars!


Preparation of nuts

Nuts can be eaten raw, fried or roasted. Roasted nuts are roasted in the dry air, and fried nuts are fried in oil. Since nuts themselves already have a high fat content, they hardly absorb any extra fats during frying. What you prefer, is totally depends on each individual.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits is the collective name of fruits that originally came from the south (Mediterranean region). Because the fresh fruits are produced all around the world, the term “dried fruits” mainly refers to the dried varieties of the soft tropical fruits. The most common dried fruits are: raisins / currants, apricot, plums, dates and figs.

During the drying process, the moisture is extracted from the fruit. Depending on how far this is carried out, this produces a fairly juicy fruit to a real dry fruit. Because all other nutrients are preserved, their concentration increases during the drying process. Keep in mind that the fruits naturally contain sugars. If you eat a lot of dried fruits in a short period of time, you will receive a substantial sugar boost. Dried fruits also contain a lot of fiber, which has a positive effect on bowel movements.

Due to their sugar content and sweet taste, dried fruits are popular as a snack. Raisins are especially popular with children.


Should you unexpectedly find a seed in a date, put it in a pot with soil and cultivate it It will give a graceful houseplant – and if you keep it up, even a date palm (source: Landidee).

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