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For years, Inno Food Company has specialized in concepts – as found in different cultures and countries – and we have an extensive range that focuses on different segments.

With this, we can provide your store with a perfect product offer for your target group.

Polish range

An everyday assortment with recognizable products from home, such as the vegetable preserves from Marter. This brand is known for its exclusivity and a wide range of pickled vegetables and pickles.

We also supply drinks such as juices and soft drinks and of course a wide range of beer brands: Zubr, Tyski and Lech.

American range

These imported products are more for a younger target group that mainly makes impulse purchases. They are brands that young people can identify with, like chocolate brands such as Reese’s and Hershey.

Trendy flavors are also available from soda cans from brands such as Fanta and Dr Pepper. And let’s not forget to mention the Canadian Dry in this list of American drinks.

Baking Soda, from the brand Arm & amp; Hammer is another typical American product that we have in our range.

Turkish assortment

With our Turkish range we meet the daily needs of traditional meals and drinks.

This includes:

  • Preserves (vegetables, meat)
  • Seasonings (spices, additions of stock products)
  • Soups (mercimek or ezogelin soup)
  • Pastas and rice products (brands such as Ankara pasta)
  • Beverages (Kizilay and Noya)
  • Snacks (sunflower seeds, corn and large assortment of dried fruit)

Halal meat products and international dairy

We can certainly call ourselves a specialist for this segment. We carry, among others, the major brands Yayla, Gulcan and Gazi.

The dairy products of these brands, such as yogurt and drinks but also cheeses, have fat percentages as people are used to from home.

We supply a special line with sausages and sliced halal meat products from the Efepasa brand, among others.

For the conscious consumer

Consumers are becoming more critical and increasingly aware of the effects of a healthy diet. They tend to choose more often gluten-free or lactose-free products.

This also applies to organic products: people want to know where their food comes from and that it has been produced in a responsible manner.

We are specialists in this field and can tailor-make a gluten-free (and lactose-free) range that is also organic.


For vegans we can offer a complete range of products for daily groceries

This is really vegan products, not vegatarian. With the complete vegan range, everyone can eat completely plant-based, from breakfast to dinner and snacks. It concerns perishable, chilled and frozen products.

We have so much believe in this trend, that we have developed our own vegan brand ( Vegan Friends ) and we exclusively are a supplier of various vegan brands including Perro Léon.

Concept development

In addition to these beautiful concepts from around the world and healthy trends, each with their own unique products that we import directly, we also continue to develop our range every time. As a buyer and category manager it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the food trends. That is why we like to help you find (new) brands, products and concepts that should contribute to differentiation and maximization of the return in your store.

Shelf plan and sales improvement

It has been known for a long time that the layout of the shelves has an effect on the purchasing behavior of the consumer. From our many years of experience we know what is relevant for the shopper.

Together with you we determine the best shelf layout. We mainly look at the (demographic) structure of the ‘average’ store visitor in your store. This is how we put together an assortment in an effectively filled shelf that will converse.

Case study

In the Rotterdam region, in consultation with the shop owner, we decided to expand the dairy products. The halal products that were added were all from well-known Turkish brands. This was recognizable for the store public and therefore felt familiar to them. After a period of 6 months, a turnover increase of 6% was realized.

Expressed in figures

  • Increase number of shoppers 21% 21%
  • Reduction wastage (less throwing away) 14% 14%
  • Turnover increase 6% 6%

Do you want to improve your sales?

Would you like to know what we can do for your shop and product range? Please feel free to contact us.

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Inno Food Company

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E: info@innofoodcompany.com

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
08:00 - 16:30h